The core component of Bright annealing, this is the finest!


 Thanks to greatly support, we have finished the process of the core component of so valuable annealing furnace as scheduled according to your high quality requirements.

We from purchase alloy raw materials - Inspection - Cutting - Bending - Welding – Leakage check - Pressure measurement, a complete set of processing techniques, combined with fine craftsmanship, to create a high-quality Muffle.

The high temperature resistant alloy muffle has a service life of 3 to 5 times longer than that of the ordinary 310 Muffle, which greatly economize the use costs, this production is an ultra-wide 1600MM alloy muffle. Customers for the production of high-end precision stainless steel strips annealing, to ensure product quality, and purchase high-end alloy steel sheets to guarantee service life, and economize costs indirectly.

STRONG produced! Must be a good product!


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