Heat treatment - we are honored again


The "2019 Conference of Directors and Managers of National Heat Treatment Industry and Green Development Summit Forum" sponsored by China Heat Treatment Association, and was solemnly held in Wuxi, Jiangsu Province on September 17th, 2019. More than 200 delegates from heat treatment and related industries gathered to exchange experiences and discuss the future development of the industry. The conference was attended by well-known heat treatment enterprises at home and abroad, such as Fengdong, STRONG TECHNOLOGY, Beijing Huahai, American Marathon and Hawthorne. At the same time, the Congress also dedicated to the Seventieth Anniversary of the founding of the People's Republic of China and held a grand award ceremony to encourage enterprises and colleagues to remember their mission and pay tribute to the Seventieth Anniversary of the great motherland with the new era and new deeds. 

The meeting was first opened by Tong Xiaohui, president of the Heat Treatment Association, and then the Green Development Summit Forum of the Heat Treatment Industry officially began. Heat treatment has been regarded as a high energy consumption and high pollution industry. The state encourages the development of heat treatment industry in a green way. The China Heat Treatment Association will make heat treatment green by organizing, communicating, publicizing and visiting.

STRONG TECHNOLOGY has always encouraged innovation and subverted the traditional heat treatment equipment as the orientation, while ensuring the quality of heat treatment process, it can also achieve energy saving and emission reduction. The traditional salt bath heating and quenching heat treatment is one of the highly polluting heat treatment processes prohibited by the state. The Bell-type furnace developed by STRONG TECHNOLOGY and SOLO Swiss SA is the preferred equipment to replace salt heating and quenching. It is equipped with a salt recovery device, which can control the salt discharge within the allowable range of environmental protection. It not only retains the advantages of salt bath heating, but also has the characteristics of energy saving, green environmental protection and intelligence. Hereby, the conference commends STRONG Technology as an innovative enterprise of heat treatment technology.

While developing heat treatment, China can not do without some masters of silent cultivation. Among the 27 "masters of heat treatment skills" contested at this conference, one is Yin Hanqi, chief engineer of STRONG TECHNOLOGY. He has been fighting for heat treatment since he graduated from Jiangsu Institute of Technology (now Jiangsu University) in 1984. He has served hundreds of enterprises at home and abroad, and is keen to solve many difficulties and complications of heat treatment of materials. It is also well-known to have won the honor of "Master of Heat Treatment Skills" with the wide acceptance of heat treatment colleagues.

In the future, STRONG TECHNOLOGY will continue to use the power of science and technology as materials and heat treatment enabling, business involves new mould materials, special stainless steel materials, alloy materials and so on. The heat treatment equipment developed by STRONG TECHNOLOGY, which is developing in the direction of energy saving, emission reduction and environmental protection, and will report to you with better achievements.

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