Professional heat treatment new technology exchange meeting will be staged wonderfully


On June 29th, the International Forum on New Technologies of Heat Treatment (Guangdong) in 2019 was successfully held by Guangdong Heat Treatment Association and Guangdong Mechanical Engineering Society. After many years of organization and promotion by Guangdong Heat Treatment Association and many heat treatment enterprises, the forum has become a professional platform for the exchange and discussion of new technologies, new experiences, and the economic and trade negotiations in the industry. The forum attracted more than 180 Industry Association leaders, experts and scholars, as well as business representatives.

This forum brings together industry leaders, and takes turns to stage a high-level dialogue on the future development of the heat treatment industry. Well-known experts and enterprises from Shanghai Ipsen Industrial Furnace Co., Ltd. and Dongfeng Motor Corporation. share their knowledge and experience. The blending of ideas and the collision of wisdom presented a feast of audio-visual for the participants.

Yan Shaoyun, technical Director of Ipsen Industrial Furnace Co., Ltd, made an Avac Report of Vacuum Low Pressure Carburizing Technology

STRONG TECHNOLOGY, as a major manufacturer of heat treatment equipment in Guangdong area, whom has been always strongly supporting the New Technology Forum of Heat Treatment. Yin Hanqi, a senior engineer, made a report on the theme of precision nitriding technology and shared the precision nitriding and nitrocarburizing technology of STRONG TECHNOLOGY. Including the detection and calculation of ammonia decomposition rate of nitrocarburizing, the control of nitrogen potential and carbon potential, and the determination of gas flow rate, these problems which have been plagued heat treatment workers have made breakthroughs. The study also aim at the relevant parameters specified in US AMS2759/10A and AMS2759/12A standards, which are analyzed and verified. Optimized according to the technical requirements of workpiece nitriding and nitrocarburizing technology, the nitriding and nitrocarburizing process of best performance and energy saving can be obtained. Cooperating with SOLO Swiss SA to develop precision nitriding technology, to fill the gaps in domestic equipment technology, the ideal nitrocarburizing process can be applied to pit furnace, sealed box furnace, Bell-type furnace, etc. and the considerable benefits are widely praised by the participants.

Yin Hanqi, Senior Engineer of GUANGDONG STRONG, made a report on Precision Nitriding Technology

During the forum, the new material heat treatment engineers in 2019 were commended and the honorary certificates were awarded by the participants to affirm their contribution to the heat treatment industry. Four heat treatment engineers, Lin Qinghai, Li Shuzhi, Pan Zechao and Pan Weibin, from GUANGDONG STRONG, were commended by the conference.

Recognition of the scene

Personnel of STRONG has been carrying out scientific progress and technological innovation, for the sake of customers dare to surpass! From a single traditional process to advanced heat treatment process, this bears the determination of personnel of STRONG continuous technological innovation for 30 years.


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