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Energy saving and environmental protection of Bell-type furnace of STRONG TECHNOLOGY
In order to make the heat treatment furnace have the function of energy saving and emission reduction, it is necessary to ensure that the furnace designed and manufactured has good performance, reduce the consumption of raw materials, facilitate manufacturing, be safe and reliable, and have a long service life.
Intelligent deep well controlled atmosphere heat treatment production line with automatic transfer device
It is used for heat treatment quenching and carburizing quenching of large long shafts in power generation equipment, shipbuilding, rail transit, wind power, offshore engineering, heavy mining equipment and other industries. It is a major basic equipment in the machinery industry.
STRONG TECHNOLOGY - create beauty
Release time:
2022-05-20 09:46
When you swing a hammer, light the welder High quality heat treatment equipment will be presented in the workshop
The most beautiful worker
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2022-05-20 09:28
Human evolution From mastering tools to creating tools Walk from the ground to the spacewalk Get wisdom from constant labor Stack and recreate the results of stack
STRONG TECHNOLOGY - degreasing and cleaning production line
With the progress of the times, we are all working towards energy conservation and high efficiency. Stainless steel is widely used. In kitchenware, household appliances, electronic components and other aspects, in order to reduce the later processing cost, the cleaning of the plate surface in the early stage is particularly important.
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