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Shunde leader of science and technology: Wang Guimao! Break the technological monopoly of European and American companies!

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2018/10/09 09:17

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Shunde leader of science and technology

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Wang Guimao, Deputy General Manager of Guangdong Strong Metal Technology Co., Ltd.

See how he and his team are.

Breaking the technological monopoly of European and American companies in the heat treatment industry for decades.

Changed the passive situation in which Chinese enterprises have long endured high-priced imports.


Guangdong Strong Metal Technology Co., Ltd. was founded in 2000, which is located in Chencun, and it is a high-tech enterprise mainly engaged in the manufacture and processing of metal material heat treatment equipment. In 2001, Wang Guimao, a specialist in heat treatment, joined STRONG Technology as the core of technology.


Metal heat treatment refers to the use of heating and cooling to produce the required hardness, wear resistance or ductility of the metal. In steel and other industries, metal heat treatment technology has been monopolized by the European and American enterprises, and domestic companies can only import related processes through high prices.

After joining STRONG TECHNOLOGY, Wang Guimao quickly organized a core technical team to tackle the heat treatment technology of steel and other industries. After more than ten years of tireless research, in 2017, STRONG Technology successfully put into production for the carbon steel strip quenching and heat treatment production line, which marked that China officially broke the monopoly of technology and technology in Europe and the United States for decades. It has changed the passive situation in the industry that no longer has to endure long-term high-priced imports, making it possible to localize materials.

Under the efforts of Wang Guimao and the core technical team, the heat treatment equipment produced by STRONG Technology has been widely used in shipbuilding, construction machinery and other industries, and its products are exported to the United States, Switzerland, India, Vietnam and other countries. Wang Guimao also won the third prize of Guangdong Science and Technology Award, the “Heat Treatment Technology Innovation Award” issued by the Heat Treatment Branch of China Mechanical Engineering Society, and 29 individual patents.

At present, Wang Guimao has grown from a former technician to a director and deputy general manager of STRONG Technology, and his focus of work has gradually shifted to the company's future development direction. He said that they feel Shunde's emphasis on technological innovation, and the company should do a better job in more subdivision areas of the metal industry, and contribute to the creation of "Science and Technology Shunde".

“We take heat treatment technology as the core. As a core process in our machinery manufacturing industry, we will definitely conduct in-depth research in this profession to provide better products for this society. We hope to continue to lead the development of this industry in terms of stainless steel and heat treatment.”


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