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The First Stainless Steel Decoration Board Industry Development Forum, sponsored by Guangdong Stainless Steel Material and Products Association and Decoration Board Branch and co-sponsored by 51 Stainless Steel, was successfully held at Foshan Crown Holiday Hotel. With the theme of "innovation and upgrading", the Forum gathered more than 100 brand leaders from stainless steel decorative panels.

In order to promote the integration of standards, brands and quality in stainless steel industry, the key work of the association is to set standards, improve quality and create brands. As one of the main drafters of the group standard of Stainless Steel Plate for Decoration, Chang Yumin, Vice General Manager of STRONG TECHNOLOGY, made a thorough and shallow brilliant interpretation of the significance and terms of the standard and related technical indicators at the meeting.


In recent years, the domestic decorative board market competition has been intensifying. With the help of policies such as environmental protection and industry, the field is gradually changing. "Stainless Steel Plate for Decoration" group standard effectively leads and strengthens standardized production in this field, which has changed the situation of lacking standards in the field of decorative plate for a long time. Next, we will introduce the terms and definitions of several mainstream products in the group standard T/GDSS003-2018, which has been published and implemented.


Mirror panel

The surface of stainless steel plate with mirror effect is polished by grinding with grinding fluid composed of iron oxide, alumina oxide, nitric acid and clear water.


Embossed plate

Stainless steel plates with various patterns are processed by rollers or die embossing.


Chrome plate

Stainless steel plate with wear-resisting and corrosion-resisting coatings with a certain bonding force is made by electrolysis or vapor deposition.


Anti-fingerprint board

The surface is made by a coating process, and has a stainless steel sheets with antioxidant and antifouling coatings.


The promulgation and implementation of the new National Standard Law has both opportunities and challenges for enterprises. In the future, STRONG will express our core technology with a more focused, professional and dedicated attitude, and express our excellent product performance to consumers.

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