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Yu Yongyi

Presently as Sales Manager

19 years on the job of STRONG TECHNOLOGY

The pace of service does not stop for amoment

Footprints all over the north and south ofthe River

He contributed a lot to the company's business development and technological innovation.

Pouring the cause with diligence and perseverance

Is the customer's intimate butler

Is a hero in the hearts of the Personnel of STRONG


24h x 7 service


"Customer satisfaction, work will be a sense of achievement!" It's his motto. Once, Yu Yongyi received a call from a client. At that time, it was more than 10 p.m. and the customers told them that the radiator of the equipment was broken and that the factory needed to replace it urgently, so that the shutdown could not affect the production progress. Yu Yongyi immediately returned to the company to inquire about the inventory, and delivered it to the customer at the first time, which solved the urgent need of the customer and received praise from the customer afterwards. He often understates that "24-hour customer service is our purpose." Only through the "intimate" service can we win the "hearts" of customers.


Yu yongyi does urgent customers think in the way


Another time Yu Yongyi talked about the project in Hebei Province, he suddenly received a call from Mr.Wang, General of Hebei Jingmei,  to inform three of the four annealing furnaces in the workshop that the steel strips had turned blue,and the whole factory would be paralysed by the annealing process. Yu Yongyi immediately went to Jingmei to investigate water quality, water pressure, radiator and so on. Customer annealing furnace workshop temperature as high as 40 degrees, Yu Yongyi and maintenance workers have been working until more than 4 p.m., the production line is running normally. With sweat all over his body and hurried footsteps, Yu Yongyi rushed to the next customer. He moved customers with sincerity, and did urgent customers think in the way, to provide customers with quality services, and won the trust and praise of many customers.


Letters of praise from clients in person


Dear Mr. Wang,

On 9:30 am this morning, we received Yu Yongyi from million stainless steel company. When he comes to our company, he has checked everything about the annealing furnace immediately. Then we had a meeting to discuss and take part in correcting the problem. We were busy till 1:00 p.m. and the dining hall was gone. We went to the Sheep Soup restaurant at the edge of the our factory for a bowl of RMB8 Sheep Soup, a pancake and eggs, total in RMB20 for 20 minutes. Continue working after arriving at the factory and leave for the train at 3:30 pm. There are pictures to prove that, so sweating away. I was very touched.

STRONG gives us a sense of steadfastness and family.


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