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Salt bath heat treatment, EIA can not be passed, STRONG TECHNOLOGY gets a trick.

Industry news
2019/07/12 09:14

On March 30th, 2019, the Symposium on Solutions of Salt Bath Heat Treatment, co-sponsored by the National Institute of Heat Treatment and the Heat Treatment Technology Center of China Aerospace Science and Technology Corporation, was successfully concluded in Changzhou. The forum invited 8 well-known equipment manufacturers at home and abroad as well as scientists and technicians from relevant research institutes in China to discuss the solution of salt bath heat treatment and alternative upgrading schemes, and to conduct on-site observation and consultation on the application and development of technology. The Forum gathered more than 120 representatives of enterprises and universities.

On the morning of the 30th, Xu Yueming, deputy director of the National Institute of Heat Treatment, made the first report entitled "Challenges and Related Specifications of Salt Bath Heat Treatment". The proposition of high quality development of heat treatment assistant was emphasized. Heat treatment should be developed in the direction of "green, precision, intelligence and standardization". Then the application status of salt bath heat treatment and its related standards are briefly introduced. Finally, a high-quality development vision is put forward: the process and quality of heat treatment should be more strictly controlled, and all heat treatment processes will be environmentally friendly. Computer control and robots will enable managers and operators to work in a clean, safe and comfortable environment.

Dr. Tang Lina, from the Heat Treatment Technology Center of China Aerospace Science and Technology Corporation, made a second report entitled "Current Situation and Needs of Salt Bath Heat Treatment in Aerospace Field". This paper mainly introduces the application status of nitrate heat treatment in Aerospace Science and Technology Group, describes the necessity of replacing nitrate heat treatment from the point of view of environmental protection and safety, and puts forward the problems existing in the process of replacing nitrate heat treatment, as well as the equipment and technical requirements. The actual case of the heat treatment process technology center of Aerospace Science and Technology Group made the delegates have a more comprehensive understanding of the necessity of substitution and upgrading of salt bath heat treatment.

Wang Guangsheng, former Deputy Engineer of Aviation Materials Research Institute, made a report entitled "Exploration and Practice of Alternative Salt Bath Heat Treatment". The report explains in detail how to replace salt bath heat treatment in a cleaner, environmentally friendly and efficient way from four aspects: vacuum heat treatment, Bell-type furnace, aluminum alloy air circulation furnace and induction heat treatment.

Wu Youwei of Guangdong Strong Metal Technology Co., Ltd. made a report entitled "Replacement and Promotion of Salt Bath Heat Treatment - Scheme of Bell-type Furnace Line". The Bell-type furnace has won the Green Science Manufacturing Progress Award awarded by China Institute of Mechanical Engineering, which effectively avoids the contamination of heating chamber by isothermal quenching salt bath vapor with modular design. And it can realize the recovery and utilization of waste heat and basically achieve zero emission. It received unanimous praise from the participants.


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