Energy saving and environmental protection of Bell-type furnace of STRONG TECHNOLOGY


In order to make the heat treatment furnace have the function of energy saving and emission reduction, it is necessary to ensure that the furnace designed and manufactured has good performance, reduce the consumption of raw materials, facilitate manufacturing, be safe and reliable, and have a long service life.



1.1 good performance


The main performance of heat treatment furnace includes working temperature, temperature control accuracy, furnace temperature and atmosphere uniformity, maximum loading capacity, production capacity, etc; In the design of Bell-type furnace, good service performance is fully considered to meet the needs of different users, different processes and different production capacity. The Bell-type furnace adopts the inverted well furnace structure, as shown in Figure 1. It has four characteristics: the metal muffle can is set in the furnace, the vertical axial design, the furnace is separated from the quenching structure and function, and the workpiece is directly quenched.


The maximum operating temperature of Bell-type furnace is 1050 -1150 ℃, which can be used for high-temperature carburization and high-temperature protection heat treatment. The temperature control system, sensors, instrument settings, furnace temperature uniformity, furnace gas uniformity, carbon potential control accuracy and nitrogen potential control accuracy can meet the requirements of aviation industry H5354- 1994 heat treatment process quality control and national military standard GJB 509b-2008


Quality control of heat treatment process and mechanical industry JB/T 10175-2008 quality control requirements of heat treatment can also meet the requirements of American aerospace materials AMS 2750D high temperature measurement.


Bell-type furnace can be equipped with different types of quenching tanks such as water, oil, water-soluble medium, neutral hot bath, high-pressure gas quenching, etc. according to the requirements of users, so as to give full play to the properties of various materials and reduce the distortion of heat treatment. It can also select or expand heating furnaces and quenching tanks of different quantities or specifications according to the size or change of the user's production batch, so as to meet the needs of production development and reduce investment.



1.2 reduce raw material consumption


Bell-type furnace is designed with a reasonable and compact structure. The furnace adopts a metal muffle and a good sealing structure to separate the furnace lining and heating elements from the furnace, avoid adverse effects on the furnace gas, reduce the material consumption of the furnace body, and help to prolong the service life of the furnace. In the design, the ingenious workpiece and basket suspension structure are adopted to reduce the special support or suspension mechanism. Select high-quality and efficient furnace building materials, such as high-quality ceramic fiber furnace lining, heat-resistant steel furnace muffle, air guide system and circulation system, chromium nickel stainless heat-resistant steel heating elements, instead of using heavy polluting materials such as asbestos products, so that the furnace has fine materials, good quality and long service life. In addition, the Bell-type furnace promotes the standardization and systematization of furnace type, precise batching and blanking in manufacturing, and reduces the consumption of raw materials. The whole set of equipment is installed on the ground without pit, and the installation and maintenance are simple and convenient.



1.3 reduce manufacturing man hour consumption


Modular and standardized design is adopted to simplify furnace manufacturing and reduce manufacturing hours and energy consumption. The SOLO Bell-type furnace is mainly composed of heating furnace, quenching tank, control system, manipulator, etc. each part is an independent unit, and each unit has different sizes and specifications. Each part can be accurately and conveniently manufactured according to the drawing, with good interchangeability, reducing raw material consumption, manufacturing hours and energy consumption. Bell-type furnace also adopts measures to improve the accuracy of furnace parts. The accuracy of metal processing parts is ≤± 0.1 mm, and the accuracy of refractory parts is ≤± 1 mm, which improves the interchangeability of parts and reduces the energy consumption of assembly hours.



1.4 prolong the service life of the furnace and facilitate maintenance


Reasonable design, high-quality material selection and precision manufacturing can ensure the safe and reliable use of the furnace, long service life and convenient maintenance. The SOLO Bell-type furnace ensures that the service life of furnace lining is ≥ 5 years, the service life of furnace muffle and heating element is ≥ 2 years, and the service life of furnace is ≥ 40 years. The moving parts can be replaced without stopping the furnace. The replacement and maintenance of accessories in the furnace can resume normal operation only after stopping the furnace for two days.


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