Intelligent deep well controlled atmosphere heat treatment production line with automatic transfer device


During the heat treatment of long shaft parts, the following problems have always existed:


1. The workpiece at 800 ℃ ~ 900 ℃ is completely exposed to the air and transferred to the oil quenching tank or cooling device, resulting in serious oxidation and decarburization of the workpiece


2. High temperature workpieces cause great radiation pollution to the environment


3. Extremely prone to fire


4. The quenching transfer time of large workpieces needs to be controlled manually, which is greatly affected by human factors


5. When several tons or even tens of tons of workpieces above 800 ℃ enter the oil quenching tank, the high-temperature workpieces heat and evaporate a large amount of oil vapor, produce a flame several meters to more than ten meters high and emit a large amount of oil fume, which is very harmful to the environment.



Deep well precision controlled atmosphere furnace can solve the above problems





1. The transfer bell is used as the protection device for quenching transfer of workpieces, which greatly reduces the chance of contact between workpieces and air


2. The modular combination can be used to design an automatic heat treatment production line according to the needs of heat treatment process, with strong process adaptability


3. The environment of the workshop has been greatly improved because there is a nitrogen curtain to protect and isolate the air, which greatly reduces the quenching oil fume and meets the requirements of cleaner production


4. There is no unsafe factor caused by the swing of the workpiece during quenching and lifting and before entering the oil tank, during the movement of the workpiece and when it is aligned and positioned into the oil tank;


5. The heat treatment process is controlled by computer and produced automatically and mechanically to reduce the impact of human factors on the heat treatment quality. The operation is safe and reliable. The process reproducibility of the workpiece is high, and the heat treatment quality of the workpiece is stable and consistent.



Scope of application:


It is used for heat treatment quenching and carburizing quenching of large long shafts in power generation equipment, shipbuilding, rail transit, wind power, offshore engineering, heavy mining equipment and other industries. It is a major basic equipment in the machinery industry. It plays a positive role in improving the product quality of large long shafts and slender rod parts, and also plays a positive role in the later large generator rotors, large ship crankshafts, long shaft and large tooth workpieces


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