Imparted by President of SOLO Swiss SA


March in Yangchun, the spring breeze caressed one's cheeks,

STRONG TECHNOLOGY, Good news is transmitted frequently.


  On March 18th, 2019, Francis Liebens (Liebens), president of SOLO Swiss SA, brought good news to STRONG TECHNOLOGY with happy on the face. In 2019, the orders increased by 50%. STRONG TECHNOLOGY has a long way to go. In terms of production and processing, there is a need to increase, to speed up progress and meet customer needs. President Francis Liebens introduces the history of SOLO development for the new graduates after 1990s. Swiss watches can become the top luxury goods all over the world. It relies solely on the study of materials, heat treatment technology and high-end sophisticated processing technology. The post-90s generation is a new force now. There are many opportunities for us to experience and achieve our dreams in STRONG TECHNOLOGY.

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