The annealing line of high-quality pipes was officially put into operation


Wuzhou Jinhai stainless steel 240000 ton cold-rolled project, the first-phase production line was officially put into operation, which marks the direction of high-quality quantification of pipe-making materials. Strong technology silently cultivates metal materials and customizes the strip bright annealing line for customers. This time, the looper is used for 900 steel strip, which is the first case in China. In addition, the technicians of Strong technology steel strip business department have devoted themselves to training and continuous improvement, and the digital control system has been in the forefront of the world. If you need to know more about equipment performance, capacity and energy consumption, Welcome to inquire 0757-2332 2638


Self developed control system


Neat and uniform furnace body


Horizontal looper


Group photo of Jinhai leader and director with Xie Yingting's team


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