Characteristics of PVD technology of STRONG Technology





1. With the increase of the power of the electron beam generator, almost all substances (such as metal tungsten, platinum, etc.) can be evaporated. Even elements with low saturated vapor pressure (such as Mo, Nb, etc.) can be evaporated by this process;


2. The electron beam power is easy to adjust and the beam spot size and position are easy to control, which is conducive to the accurate control of coating thickness;


3. The crucible is water-cooled, which avoids the chemical reaction between the evaporation material and the crucible at high temperature, and can also prevent the crucible exhaust from polluting the film layer;


4. Using electron beam to heat the substrate, which can make the substrate temperature stable and easy to control, so that the deposition layer is not polluted by the heating source;


5. Compared with other evaporation methods, the evaporation rate and deposition rate are higher (Up to 10kg/h~15kg/h and 100μm/min~150μm/min respectively), with good process repeatability; In particular, the emergence of high-power electron gun makes the preparation of large-size plates and multilayer materials become a reality;


6. The energy of the atomic clusters evaporated in the deposition process is low, which weakens the diffusion and mixing of the layer interface, and is conducive to the acquisition of multilayer materials with clear and sharp interfaces;


7. The coating with the same composition and element content as the evaporated material can be obtained by selecting appropriate process parameters;


8. High adhesion between substrate and coating;


9. The deposition of the coating is carried out in vacuum, which is conducive to prevent the pollution and oxidation of the substrate and coating materials, so a high-quality coating can be obtained;


10. The obtained coating has high strain tolerance, which significantly improves the thermal shock resistance of the coating.


The fatigue life of plasma sprayed thermal barrier coating is generally only 30% ~ 40% of that of EB-PVD coating.


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