Equipment composition and characteristics of STRONG coating machine


Composition of arc plasma coating equipment:


1.Plasma system: cathode target, arc current source and bias power supply;


2.Vacuum system: vacuum chamber, vacuum unit, air measurement and control;


3.Control system: programmable controller (PLC), touch screen, control software and arcing circuit.


Plate vacuum coating equipment


Features of STRONG coating machine:

1.Good target structure - stable and high target utilization.

2.High ionization rate - it can fully ionize the process gas to participate in the reaction, with high adhesion and film deposition efficiency.

3.Composite multi arc ion plating process can be selected to reduce the hardness gradient of the coating and further improve the adhesion.

4.Low energy ion etching device and process can be selected to clean the workpiece surface without damaging the product surface.

4.Arcing circuit - pulse high voltage, without mechanical action, stable and reliable

6.Strong process and equipment R & D team.


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