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Jinhai stainless steel 1050mm hot-rolled project, may be put into production in advance at the end of June

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2022/03/04 10:15

Guangdong stainless steel materials and products association was informed that at present, the construction of Wuzhou Jinhai stainless steel 1050mm green hot-rolled project under Guangdong Jinhai brilliant group, the vice president unit, which is progressing smoothly. Jinhai stainless steel company is a key enterprise in Wuzhou stainless steel products industrial park. At present, Jinhai has made unprecedented efforts to promote project construction, upgrade technology and expand production scale.



It is reported that in 2021, the total output value of Jinhai stainless steel industry exceeded CNY 5 billion. This year, the company will strive to join the ranks of enterprises with more than CNY 10 billion.




From February 22th to 23th, the basic design review meeting of 1050 stainless steel strip bright annealing production line was successfully held in the general contractor.



It is revealed that the workshop of more than 20000 square meters of Jinhai stainless steel 1050mm green hot-rolled project has entered the stage of roof color tile hoisting.Introduced by the person in charge of Jinhai stainless steel, according to the current construction progress, the project can be put into production in advance on June 30th.



According to the introduction, the construction of Jinhai 1050mm stainless steel full continuous rolling green production line project was started on June 30th, 2021, with a total investment of CNY 962 million. The full continuous rolling method is adopted. The whole line is equipped with the world's leading control system, which can produce steel strips with high dimensional accuracy, to meet customers' demand for high-end stainless steel strips. It is expected that the monthly hot-rolled of stainless steel will exceed 100000 tons after it is put into production.


By then, the production of 1050mm stainless steel full continuous rolling green production line will further improve the product competitiveness and market share of Jinhai stainless steel.


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