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AGV type

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2021/12/07 10:11

Transportable AGV trolley developed by STRONG TECHNOLOGY


1)Electromagnetic guided AGV. Electromagnetic guidance is one of the traditional guidance methods. It embeds metal wires in the driving path of AGV and loads low-frequency and low-voltage guidance current to generate a magnetic field around the wires. The induction coil on AGV realizes AGV guidance by identifying and tracking the strength of the guidance magnetic field.


2)Optically guided AGV. The basic principle and method of optical guidance are similar to that of electromagnetic guidance. Generally, a color band with stable reflectance is laid on the path. The vehicle is equipped with light source departure and receiving reflection photoelectric sensors to adjust the running direction of the vehicle by comparing the detected signals.


3)Inertial guided AGV. Inertial guidance is to install an inertial gyroscope on the AGV and a positioning block on the driving ground. AGV can determine its position and direction by calculating the deviation signal of the spiral and collecting the ground positioning signal, so as to realize guidance.


4)Laser guided AGV. A laser reflector with accurate position is installed around the driving road strength of the AGV guided by the laser. The AGV emits the laser beam and collects the signals reflected by the reflector at different angles, and determines its current position and direction according to the triangular geometric operation to realize the guidance of the AGV.


5)Visually guided AGV. Visual guidance control is to collect the image information of strip path markings on the road by using image sensors, identify and calculate the relative position deviation between the vehicle and the path markings through computer processing, so as to control the running direction and ensure the AGV to run along the path.

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