Good news - Zhou Shujing of STRONG TECHNOLOGY won the Champion in Foshan welding skills competition in 2021


On November 9th, STRONG TECHNOLOGY participated in the welding skills competition of 2021 Foshan workers' vocational skills competition, which was hosted by Foshan Federation of trade unions and Foshan human resources and Social Security Bureau, and undertaken by Foshan Sanshui District Federation of trade unions, Foshan Sanshui District human resources and Social Security Bureau and Foshan electromechanical vocational skills training school. In the preliminary competition in October, 60 elites were selected from 114 players in five districts of the city for the final.



Led by Zhou Shujing, manager of Guanglong equipment manufacturing department of STRONG TECHNOLOGY, the team passed the test of theory, board docking and pipe docking skills, and achieved excellent results, ranking in the top 10, with STRONG TECHNOLOGY accounting for 5 seats. STRONG TECHNOLOGY actively participated in the professional skills competition and won the excellent organization award.


Wang Jinshan, President of Foshan electromechanical vocational skills training school, presented awards to the excellent organizing units of the competition


Mr. Yuan Bin, an investigator of Foshan Federation of trade unions, presented the award to the winners of "technical champion of Foshan employee (welding) skill competition"


Yan Lifeng, director of human resources and Social Security Bureau of Sanshui District, Foshan City, presented the first prize winners


Lu Yimin, Director of Foshan Sanshui District Labor and Employment Service Center, presented the third prize winners


Yang Tao, deputy chief of the vocational capacity building section of Foshan human resources and Social Security Bureau, presented awards to the winners of "Foshan technical experts"


Group photo of the contestants in the competition


Top ten excellent welding talents



STRONG TECHNOLOGY has focused on material heat treatment for 30 years, from meticulous welding to neat and uniform production line manufacturing and installation, serving the high-end equipment manufacturing industry and attracting a large number of skilled, high-quality and craftsman talents. In the future, we will, as always, actively participate in various competitive competitions and tap more outstanding talents.



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