Congratulations on the successful holding of the sixth heat treatment forum in Shenzhen



On October 28th, 2021, sponsored by American industrial heating magazine, the Sixth China heat treatment forum was successfully held in Vienna International Hotel, Shenzhen North railway station. 

The forum was attended by well-known international giants in heat treatment and gear industry such as baudick, ALD and shangchi, and more than 300 people signed in.


Luo Yang, publisher of industrial heating, delivered an opening speech


Lao song, doctor of Heat treatment,presided over the meeting


Lu ZeJian, general manager of intelligent manufacturing of Strong Technology


The first report of the conference was Lu ZeJian, general manager of intelligent equipment of Strong technology, who introduced the lean production application of SOLO SWISS flexible heat treatment production line. The equipment with modular production concept, multiple varieties and processes, low energy consumption and stable performance, which replaced the preferred scheme of salt bath furnace, and solved the difficulties of heat treatment such as one furnace and one process in heat treatment workshop, material transfer, human error and so on Pain points to realize material modification and intelligent manufacturing transformation and upgrading.


Yin Hanqi, technical director and senior engineer of Strong Technology


Yin Hanqi, Deputy Secretary General of China Heat Treatment Standardization Committee, has been engaged in material heat treatment for more than 30 years. He has continuously refreshed various data of controlled atmosphere heat treatment through multiple experimental data of SOLO SWISS multi-purpose furnace equipment, so as to contribute precious reference value to the modification process of metal materials.











After the forum, he came to Strong technology on October 29th to visit Guanglong intelligent manufacturing base.


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