Strong Technology cooperates with SOLO to develop precision nitrocarburizing technology


The 10th Seminar of Advanced and Energy-Saving Heat Treatment Technology and Equipment was held in Changzhou, Jiangsu Province by Industrial Furnace Brunch of China Mechnical Engineering Society and Changzhou Heat Treatment Associate. More than 100 related people gathered at the semninar. Mr Wang, the deputy manager of STRONG Technology and Mr Yin, the senior engineer from STRONG Technology were attended. They had deepth disscusions with industy experts.

Mr Yin made a speech on precision nitriding technology , which introduce precision nitrocarburizing and nitriding technology, including their deepth, thickness, the reasonal selection of gas flow and the detection and calculation of decomposition rates. Those are questions which have been bothering heat treatment workers now they made a breakthrough because of STRONG Technology. We are also analysing and vertifying the relevant parameter in the STANDARD AMS2759/10A and AMS2759/12A to optimize metal meterials for getting better performance and saving energy.

The precisiom nitriding technology fills the gap in  domestic equipment. At the same time, this kind of technology accelerates the use of precision nitriding furnace. Its advantages of safety, flexibility ,energy saving and process controlling will be recognized by many users! 


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