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STRONG TECHNOLOGY | at present, it is the only solid chopsticks with sterilization and health care function in China

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2021/08/03 10:25

Titanium chopsticks (sterilization chopsticks)


Sterilized solid chopsticks are made of pure titanium. Pure titanium is a light precious metal with good biocompatibility. It is widely used in the field of medical devices, human implantation, dentures, artificial joints, bone plates, etc. it is a globally recognized metal material that can be close to human skin. Therefore, pure titanium chopsticks are non-toxic, harmless, safe and reliable to human body, It can be used for life.



The front end of the sterilization chopsticks in contact with food adopts high-tech patented technology to load nano silver ions on the surface layer, and the physical sterilization performance of silver ions is used to effectively inhibit the contact and transmission of oral bacteria and viruses and the cross transmission between people during eating; The effective antibacterial rate of chopsticks was 99.9%( Report No.: 2020sp12966r01)




Sterilized chopsticks are coated with high hardness coating layer by vacuum coating technology. The molecular structure of the coating layer is compact and smooth. It has the advantages of high temperature resistance (below 300 ℃) and acid and alkali corrosion resistance. At the same time, it is very easy to clean. After washing with water, the residue of detergent on the surface is almost zero, which eliminates the breeding of various molds and prevents cancer and cancer. It provides a safe line of defense for tableware hygiene.



Sterilized chopsticks have novel appearance, smooth linear, solid design, length: 230 mm, weight: 33g; In line with the best use range of human body, it is comfortable to hold and smart to use. The luxurious local tyrant gold color shows the noble temperament! Once used, you will love it.





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