On the afternoon of April 7, the night of STRONG TECHNOLOGY was grandly held in Guangzhou building. LV Dongxian, Secretary General of China Heat Treatment Industry Association, presided over the meeting and delivered a speech. Nearly 100 experts and representatives of the heat treatment industry attended the meeting.

Firstly, Lu Zejian, general manager of smart heat treatment equipment division of STRONG TECHNOLOGY, introduced in detail that STRONG TECHNOLOGY is a national high-tech enterprise focusing on the research and development of new materials such as high-end heat treatment, smart equipment manufacturing and high-end die steel; Its main products include intelligent bottom loading vertical multipurpose furnace production line, multifunctional plasma vacuum coating system, robot and intelligent manufacturing system integration, high-end die steel, heat-resistant stainless steel and high-end heat treatment services. It also makes a brief analysis of the application field and the existing layout.


LV Dongxian, Secretary General of China Heat Treatment Industry Association


Lu Zejian, general manager of intelligent heat treatment equipment division of STRONG TECHNOLOGY


Chang Yumin, senior engineer of STRONG TECHNOLOGY, made an industrialization plan for the company's development of internationally advanced intelligent composite coating equipment and high-performance tool coating preparation technology, focusing on the technical content of the structural innovation of coating system, the intelligent technology development of coating system and pretreatment equipment, and the development of new electromagnetic system.


Chang Yumin, senior engineer of STRONG TECHNOLOGY


The night was unanimously recognized by the heat treatment industry. On the morning of April 9, nearly 150 people took three buses to visit and guide STRONG TECHNOLOGY. Intelligent robot loading and unloading, AGV / RGV intelligent transfer device (intelligent logistics) and three-dimensional material warehouse (intelligent material storage) can be seen everywhere in the technology research center of STRONG TECHNOLOGY, Then we visited the heat treatment processing center for more than 30 years. From a slightly old and idle corner to the intelligent bottom loading vertical multi-purpose furnace production line that closely follows the development of the times, we can see that STRONG TECHNOLOGY is struggling tenaciously in the heat treatment industry, optimizing and innovating, reforming and developing, and striving to build a new pattern of high-quality development, start a new situation in the heat treatment industry.



It is expected that this activity can enhance mutual trust and seek cooperation, which is of great significance and far-reaching impact on further promoting the relationship between Shichuang technology and the heat treatment industry, seeking industry development, deepening industry cooperation, and promoting the green, intelligent and stable development of the heat treatment industry.



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