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Integration of industry and education, empowerment of science and technology and innovation
On December 10th-11th, the 2021 Conference on the transformation and docking of scientific and technological achievements of Guangdong universities, jointly sponsored by Guangdong Provincial Department of education and Foshan municipal government, which was held in Foshan.
AGV type
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2021-12-07 10:11
1)Electromagnetic guided AGV. Electromagnetic guidance is one of the traditional guidance methods. It embeds metal wires in the driving path of AGV and loads low-frequency and low-voltage guidance current to generate a magnetic field around the wires. The induction coil on AGV realizes AGV guidance by identifying and tracking the strength of the guidance magnetic field.
Introduction to AGV
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2021-12-07 10:01
Automated Guided Vehicle,abbreviation: AGV, is usually also known as AGV trolley. It refers to a transport vehicle equipped with automatic navigation devices such as electromagnetic or optical devices, which can travel along the specified navigation path and has safety protection and various load transfer functions.
Good news - Zhou Shujing of STRONG TECHNOLOGY won the Champion in Foshan welding skills competition in 2021
STRONG TECHNOLOGY has focused on material heat treatment for 30 years, from meticulous welding to neat and uniform production line manufacturing and installation, serving the high-end equipment manufacturing industry and attracting a large number of skilled, high-quality and craftsman talents. In the future, we will, as always, actively participate in various competitive competitions and tap more outstanding talents.
Congratulations on the successful holding of the sixth heat treatment forum in Shenzhen
The first report of the conference was Lu ZeJian, general manager of intelligent equipment of Strong technology, who introduced the lean production application of SOLO SWISS flexible heat treatment production line. The equipment with modular production concept, multiple varieties and processes, low energy consumption and stable performance, which replaced the preferred scheme of salt bath furnace, and solved the difficulties of heat treatment such as one furnace and one process in heat treatment workshop, material transfer, human error and so on Pain points to realize material modification and intelligent manufacturing transformation and upgrading.
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