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Company trends

It took three months! Guangdong Strong once again supported ten million level production line successfully put into production!
STRONG TECHNOLOGY once again successfully built a ten million level annealing line. Project Yangjiang Hongwang entered Yangjiang in September 2020 and officially put into operation on December 19th. In just three months, the continuous stainless steel strip annealing line produced by STRONG TECHNOLOGY quickly settled in Yangjiang Hongwang production base at the speed of China. HONGWANG GROUP, STRONG TECHNOLOGY This project and project Zhaoqing Hongwang bright annealing line belong to the same level, the whole production line set degreasing cleaning and bright annealing in one. The main processing materials are 201, 202, 301, 304, 409 and 430; the product specifications are 0.3 ~ 1.2mm in thickness and 600 ~ 1350mm in width; the annual processing capacity and single furnace capacity of bright annealing furnace are 68400 tons / year. The continuous bright annealing line for stainless steel strip is a product designed, R&D, and manufactured by STRONG TECHNOLOGY. The line integrates a number of technical patents and is at the leading level in the industry in automation and intelligence. In addition, the project of Yangjiang Hongwang has been improved and promoted in many aspects according to the actual needs of users after combining the practical experience of Zhaoqing Hongwang production line, and it has been well received by users.
School and enterprise connection, win-win co-operation
From December 10th to December 12th, 2020, Guangdong Provincial Education Department and Foshan Municipal Government jointly held the 2020 Guangdong University Science and technology achievements transformation docking conference and series exhibition docking activities in Foshan. Relevant leaders of Foshan municipal and district governments and relevant departments, relevant leaders of relevant departments of provincial education department, leaders of colleges and universities inside and outside the province, representatives of scientific research teams and enterprise representatives attended the meeting activities. Xu Guo, vice mayor of Foshan Municipal People's government, said, "we hope that Guangdong University Scientific and technological achievements transformation center will be innovative, flexible, powerful and solid, gather more innovative resources, gather in Foshan, build Guangdong, Hong Kong, Macao, Dawan District scientific and technological achievements transformation center, and make new and greater contributions to Foshan's striving to be the leader of high-quality development of Prefecture level cities in Guangdong Province." Jing Lihu, director of the Education Department of Guangdong Province, said, "the Provincial Department of education will continue to support the reform and development of higher education in Foshan, and support the high-quality work of the transformation center of scientific and technological achievements of Guangdong universities. It is hoped that Foshan will become a hub for the transformation of scientific research achievements in Colleges and universities across the country, and construction of university scientific and technological achievements transformation center in Guangdong, Hong Kong and Macao At the conference, many experts from science and technology colleges and universities across the country successively introduced scientific and technological achievements in related fields, and delivered keynote speeches on "promoting system and mechanism innovation, realizing two-way transformation of scientific and technological achievements", "scientific and technological innovation and industrial incubation" and "seeing the world with nano thinking - carbon nano sensing". At the signing ceremony, six enterprises including Guangdong Strong Metal Technology Co., Ltd. signed agreements with South China University of technology, Guangdong University of technology and other six universities on the transformation of scientific and technological achievements (industry university research cooperation), which made the scientific and technological innovation projects truly "grounded", injected "new power and new energy" into the science and technology industry, and accelerated the development of domestic science and technology industry. Zhang Qinzhong, senior engineer of STRONG TECHNOLOGY, said that STRONG TECHNOLOGY concentrated on high-end intelligent equipment for metal material heat treatment processing over 30 years, and has been working closely with colleges and universities such as South China University of technology. Recently, in the field of industrial robot integrated application project, STRONG TECHNOLOGY and South China University of technology jointly developed: using 3D visual tracking technology to solve complex metal surface automatic welding problems; using deep learning technology Flexible metal processing production line scheduling; using big data technology to plan the construction of intelligent industrial park; using visual SLAM navigation technology in the field of mobile robots to develop visual mobile robots with cost-effective optimization. Its core technologies are in the leading level in China. This docking conference will further promote the close cooperation between the both parties in the future and accelerate the construction of high-end industrial ecological chain, which is of great significance.
2021 Mysteel annual meeting of nickel, chromium, stainless steel and new energy
In early December 2020, the 2021 Mysteel nickel, chromium, stainless steel and new energy annual meeting sponsored by Shanghai Steel Union Information Technology Co., Ltd., which was held in Wuxi. The exhibition mainly focuses on the development direction of the industry, makes a detailed interpretation of the consumption field of stainless steel industry, and provides a platform for enterprises in the industry to discuss hot topics such as international forms, innovation and transformation in stainless steel, nickel and chromium industries. At the meeting, Liao Zhiyan, general manager of FOSHAN STRONG METAL CO.,LTD., made a special report on the market situation analysis of stainless steel cold rolled strip, elaborated the development history of stainless steel cold rolled industry, and briefly analyzed the supply and demand situation of stainless steel cold-rolled strip industry and the application analysis of stainless steel cold-rolled strip, and compared cold-rolled pickling annealing and bright annealing. Liao Zhiyan, general manager of FOSHAN STRONG METAL CO.,LTD. At the same time, several kinds of equipment with wide width and large production capacity are introduced: Vertical bright annealing furnace, with strip thickness of 0.05-1.0 mm, width of 1250 mm, maximum production capacity of 350 tons / day ,and the heating mode is mainly gas. Horizontal looper bright annealing furnace, with strip thickness of 0.3-2.0 mm, width of 1250 mm, maximum production capacity of 350 tons / day,and the heating mode is mainly gas. With the characteristics of energy saving and low consumption, the overall technology has reached the international leading level. Vertical bright annealing furnace Vertical bright annealing furnace Horizontal looper bright annealing furnace Narrow width, small production capacity, multi specification equipments are as follows: Horizontal bright annealing furnace, with strip thickness of 0.1-2.0mm, width of 850mm, maximum production capacity of 100 tons / day, and the heating mode is mainly electricity, natural gas and gas; Vertical looper precision annealing furnace, with strip thickness of 0.1-2.0 mm, width of 400-1300 mm, and maximum production capacity of 100 tons / day, and the heating mode is mainly electricity, natural gas, oil and gas. And horizontal strip stress relief furnace and strip degreasing production line. Horizontal bright annealing furnace Vertical looper precision annealing furnace Horizontal strip stress relief furnace Strip degreasing production line The most important core component is the muffle - Composite corrugated muffle. The service life of our high temperature resistant alloy muffle is 3-5 times longer than that of the ordinary 310 muffle, which greatly saves the cost. The ultra wide 1600mm alloy muffle can support the annealing of high-end precision stainless steel strip, ensure the product quality, purchase high-end alloy steel plate to ensure the service life, and indirectly save the cost. Mr. Liao also pointed out clearly that the current economic globalization is encountering counter current, and the epidemic situation has brought extensive and far-reaching impacts. The traditional international economic cycle is obviously weakened or even blocked. Foreign procurement is more vulnerable to the impact of the epidemic, unable to deliver goods on time, and vulnerable to force majeure. In this case, strengthening the domestic economic cycle will help to strengthen the resilience of economic development. It is also conducive to driving the international economic cycle and realizing the mutual promotion of domestic and international circulation. Li Xinchuang also stressed that "in terms of key technologies, core equipment, etc., we still have a certain distance from the requirements of high-quality development. Especially in the context of increasingly complex international environment and normalization of epidemic prevention and control, it is imperative to strengthen technological innovation and promote localization."
Community with a mould destiny -How to protect our mould
Product development, mould design and manufacturing, die-casting production are the most important members of the "Community with a mould destiny". Anyone who wants to have a "money" map must understand, support and help each other, and jointly guard our mould. "The same boat" must "help each other"!!!
Xiangshui has built a national 100 billion level stainless steel industrial base, and STRONG TECHNOLOGY has successfully settled in
Xiangshui County responds to the call of "coastal integration", strives to build a national 100 billion level stainless steel industrial base, adheres to the concept of technological innovation, and promotes the new pattern of high-quality development and sustainable prosperity of stainless steel industry around the goal of "100 billion level, whole chain and cluster type". Xiangshui intelligent stereoscopic shared warehouse is a higher requirement for the high-quality development of Xiangshui stainless steel industry. The concept of industrial Internet is leading to drastic changes in stainless steel industry. The intelligent stereoscopic shared warehouse specially built by STRONG TECHNOLOGY for Xiangshui stainless steel industrial park is an interpretation of the integration of intelligent manufacturing into the stainless steel industry in response to the national new infrastructure, technological and industrial changes. Xiangshui intelligent stereoscopic shared warehouse will create shared logistics in the park and unmanned distribution in intelligent factory, realize automatic and unmanned transmission in the production process of enterprises, and enable employees to focus on their work more efficiently. The intelligent omni-directional AGV forklift is the world's first research and development of stainless steel ultra long pipe fittings, which can realize free steering in any direction and omnibearing of the intelligent omni-directional forklift, and realize intelligent access in narrow space.
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